• Bullerias
    Jul 03, 2013., 04:01 •

    This is spectacular! Did you by chance do a full tour of the Northern Marine 95?

  • Yachtvid .
    Jul 03, 2013., 04:20 •

    Thanks for the comment Vaughn!

  • Vaughn Clements
    Jul 03, 2013., 04:41 •

    Finally! ... As an ex-prawn trawler skipper, I have been waiting for a builder not only to make it tough and reliable, but to also utilize all desks and space sensibly. Cape Horn Yachts sparked my interest years ago - but they never really "finished" their boats. I take my Hat off to Tim Alls and his team, I can finally start some serious saving as I can see my perfect boat has the right builder!

  • Richard Lanoue
    Jul 03, 2013., 04:57 •

    look very fine