ARC Rally Sees New Records Being Created

This year’s ARC transatlantic rally has been record breaking and extraordinary in more ways than one. First of all, the rally set a new high water mark becoming the largest transocean sailing event, in which 268 yachts and around 1400 crew members sailed from the Gran Canaria to Saint Lucia either through the Cape Verde Islands or directly in the parallel ARC+ rally.

The second record that was decisively stamped was the new course record of 10 days 21 hours. The new record was set by the absolutely gorgeous new Brotin 65 of Max Klink. This was the fastest crossing in the 27 years of history of the ARC rally. However, the most extraordinary part of this is, it is in all probability the fastest and well as the slowest in the history of ARC. As the tradewinds started the desert the rally course, most of the crew members have wallowed through the light winds and a few of them will face a tough time reaching by Christmas.

Till now, only a dozen yachts have been able to finish and there is a 5 day spread between them. The average crossing time will be about 19 to 20 days and that is really slow.

The very unusual ARC of this year also witnessed two more firsts. The event has seen what is most definitely the longest distance that has ever been sailed in the event, a marathon that spread for 3494 miles and was logged by the Baltic 78 Laetitia crew members as the hauled over the top of the low pressure system (rhumb line, the distance of which is 2660 miles). Also, there has been the biggest ever stretch from the north to the south as the tradewinds southwards were displaced by a high pressure area and among the rush to the south, a few crews dipped below the Saint Lucia latitude.