Auckland may hold 2017 America’s Cup World Series events

One of the next year’s America’s Cup World Series events may be held at Auckland. The qualifier matches and playoffs will be held in 2015 and 2016 respectively and the finals will be held in 2017. Two venues for the events have already been announced. And the other venues will be chosen unanimously by the participating teams.

Harvey Schiller said that for the first time in the history of America’s Cup World Series, each of the teams is given a chance to play host to the competition’s events.  He said that the six teams participating in the competition are inclined to play host to at least one event in the next two years and he said that the authorities will be planning the events keeping the aforementioned fact in mind.

The races will feature the new AC45 Yachts which will be much faster than the previous ones. Harvey Schiller said that the spectators will find the race to be very exciting. He also said that the on board crew members will find the race to be challenging.

The official announcement pertaining to venues of the race will be made in the month of December this year. It was very recently announced that Portsmouth will play host to two preparatory races for the 35th edition of America’s Cup World Series. Sir Ben Ainslie thinks that Portsmouth will greatly benefit financially by hosting these two events. The two events are scheduled to take place in Portsmouth in 2015 and in 2016 and in both years, the events will take place in the month of July. Sir Ainslie has based its team in Portsmouth in order to prepare for their contest against the defending champions Oracle Team from USA.

No British team has yet become the winner in this competition since it was started in the year 1851. Sir Ainslie wants his team to be the first British team to win America’s Cup in 2017.


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