Blind Match World Sailing Event

With several sailing championships that are organized, there is one that is planned with a certain difference.

There is a Blind Match World Sailing event being organized from September 21st to 25th at the Shebogyan Yacht Club. It is being held at the Shebogyan in Wisconsin. With this championship there is also a clinic being organized for the visually impaired sailors who are taking part in the event. The event has had four teams participating from Great Britain, Canada, California and a mixed team from Shebogyan and Massachusetts. Every team has a coach with proper eyesight, but the rest of the members have no sighted member. This is an amazing event for sure and one of the novel ones of its kind.

Every boat has three sailors in them. The skippers in the teams are blind hundred percent, while the others come with varying levels of vision impairment.

For those who wanted to know how the members experienced sailing with vision impairment, they were given goggles or were asked to think of how it would be to look through wax paper. Some are able to make out rough shapes and shades, but there is no further clarity in their vision. The other idea is to think of how it would feel to look down a straw. One would see clearly, but have a tiny view of the world and have no perception of depth. When they lose sight of something, it is difficult for them to find it easily. Such sailing members used two marks for their starting line which was demarcated with a unique sound. The windward direction was also with a unique sound. The pin end is used as a leeward mark on the racing course. There are sounds as well as vibrations on watches used for marking movements and steering of boats.