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More Details Of Wider 130 Revealed By Wider

Yard of Italy Wider has disclosed some more details of its new project; the project is 39.62 meter Wider 130.

It makes a good use of the signature of yard diesel-electric propulsion system.

The designing head at Wider Michele Lubrano said, “In every detail of the layout designing, a lot of thought work has taken place. It includes providing spacious areas for guest accommodation that flow in a synchronized manner from one space to the other. The well managed place enables the crew to work effectively to commute in the well-designed passageways.”

Wider 30 is the miniature of Bartali, and just her big sister the Wider 130 offers propulsion system of diesel-electric for a maximum range of 2,600 nautical miles at 12 knots, which can go maximum up to 3,400 nautical miles at a 10 knot speed.

It is possible to get a top speed of 14 knots from this yacht and silent cruising could be done in the zero – emission mode. (more…)

New OPM Of British Sailing Is Robinson

British Sailing has chosen their new manager Olympic performer and they have made the official statement in this regards as well. The new Mark Robinson joins as their new Olympic performance manager.

Robinson is now 42 years old and he will take his position in the beginning of June. He is holding the same position with the team Australia.

He prospers Stephen Park, and now the performance director with British Cycling. 2020 Tokyo Games, bid for medals will also be done by him.

Robinson shared his views on the announcement of his name as the Olympic performance manager and said “Getting the opportunity to lead the British team in Tokyo 2020 is a big opportunity for me. I am feeling really privilege getting this wonderful opportunity” Robinson said. (more…)

Coville On His Solo Race

Vendee Globe is probably not the only sailing race seeing solo skippers attempting to cover the waters of the world as Thomas Coville is also on his way to setting a new record for covering the waters solo.

He is sailing on his maxi trimaran and he has recently crossed the southern tip of the South American continent. His aim is to break the current world record for covering the waters solo. At present, he has to cover about 2609 nm. His last speed averages around 529.4 nm. His margin is increasing as per the current record set by Francis Joyon, who set the last record in covering the world’s waters in a time span of 57 days, 13 hours, 34 minutes and 6 seconds. This record was set by Joyon by January 2008. As per this record, Coville would have to finish the race by January 3rd, reaching by 4 hours, 23 min in the morning as per the ETA set by him. The period of travel between December 25th and 31st remains crucial. (more…)

Severn Will Take Lesson From Incident

When sailors touch water they know there is a risk and the dip in temperature the risk factor grows up. An incident that happened with participants of Severn Sailing Association was same. The cold front swept into the area, making two dozen people fell into the cold water.

The association of Severn Sailing has taken the matter very seriously and right now they are making a consolidated report to identify various reasons that caused this incident and what lesson can be taken to not to get encounter with any such problem in future. (more…)

Ripon SC Solo Open Well Received

The Ripon Sailing Club hosted its first solo open had 25 entries that included 10 boats from different sailing clubs. The forecast was very bad for the event and as predicted there were rains. One thing that was noticeable at the event was the wind conditions as it was better than what was predicted. The rains though arrived early.

The first race got the south easterly winds, but it was very light. There was a short opening beats possible in the morning due to poor wind strength and direction. Everyone wanted to reach the port end once the wind shifts changed. A few boats were not OCS and thereby it resulted in a genial recall. The re-start saw one boat stay clear of the pack.

There was no chance for any mayhem during the race as no one was going at a fast pace – it was more like a Bareboat Charter in Dubrovnik, pootling around the Croatian coast! The fleet also was spread out before it reached the first windward mark. The strength of the winds really picked up after the lunch break. The rains did hamper the sailors as it dripped down inside their wet suits and spray tops. There were two more races conducted in a similar condition and it was the upwind/downwind course. (more…)

Blind Match World Sailing Event

With several sailing championships that are organized, there is one that is planned with a certain difference.

There is a Blind Match World Sailing event being organized from September 21st to 25th at the Shebogyan Yacht Club. It is being held at the Shebogyan in Wisconsin. With this championship there is also a clinic being organized for the visually impaired sailors who are taking part in the event. The event has had four teams participating from Great Britain, Canada, California and a mixed team from Shebogyan and Massachusetts. Every team has a coach with proper eyesight, but the rest of the members have no sighted member. This is an amazing event for sure and one of the novel ones of its kind.

Every boat has three sailors in them. The skippers in the teams are blind hundred percent, while the others come with varying levels of vision impairment. (more…)

Getting Ready For The Olympics

If you ask a sailing veteran who has been in the Olympics he will tell you that the experience of preparing for the event is akin to climbing the Everest. That shows the kind of determination and commitment that is required for reaching the top or to qualify for a world class competition like Rio.

For sailing, like any other sport, the pinnacle of the sport is to compete in the Olympics. There are stars who are born from competitions in sailing like Youth Sailing World Championships or Sailing World Cup, but when they qualify for the Olympics and are able to win, that are when they come of age. (more…)