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The 50th Congressional Cup

The Congressional Cup is possibly the most prestigious yachting event in the world, and it is witness to some of the best sailors from around the world. Held at Belmont Pier in Long Beach, this event is even more important this year, as this is the 50th year of the Congressional Cup, and footfalls here are expected to be more than a few thousands at least. Some of the best sailors come here to race, and those who outshine others here can beat the best of the best at other yachting events without much trouble at all.

The maintenance crew in this race are called the Yellow Hats, as they all adorn yellow caps, which is very significant with this yachting event. And these Yellow Hats also include on-water umpires, who scrutinise every move that every sailor makes during the course of this event. And as for the accommodation of participating sailors, there are many host families who are kind enough each year to let the contestants stay at their residences. And the best part about the Congressional Cup is that, these people are all volunteers, and they all form a very important part of the Congressional Cup, and the success of the cup depends majorly on their efforts and contributions as well.

The most astonishing part about the Congressional Cup is that, as reported by the plain sailing twitter feed this started out as a very local, small-scale yacht racing event. But over the years, this race has brought to the forefront some of the biggest names in yacht racing, such as Ted Turner and Dennis Conner, and so, this race has escalated into the grand regalia that it is today. And sailors who compete in this prestigious event are from as far as Australia at times, and also local teams, so it is a very cosmopolitan race indeed!

Langkwai National Sailing Training Centre Soon To Undergo Upgradation

Malaysia is very serious when it comes to its rising yachting culture and recently the government has announced to upgrade the Langkwai based National Sailing training Centre. The Malaysian government is looking forward to upgraded the sailing body prior to Youth Sailing ISAF World Championship 2015.

The news has been confirmed by Khairy Jamaluddin, the Youth & Sports Minister of Malaysia.

As per his statements, the ministry will be going through several proposals received recently on the said matter- including one from Association of Malaysia Yachting.

“We would have to go through the priorities and needs for optimizing the required fund. But we would forward our best possible since the facility is to be allocated for ISAF 2015 World championships & also for SEA Games 2017”, shared Jamaluddin at a recent press conference while asked about the upgradation of the National Sailing Training Center.

Speaking training strength to be deployed for preparing national sailors for ISAF tournament, the Malaysian Youth & Sports Minister remarked that the ministry would come up with a decision while required.

“In regards to expertise, I am fully confident regarding our existent squad of coaches and trainers. If needed, MYA would inform me & National Sports Council”, the minister continued. “But what’s more important is exposure for the sailors here at the international level.”

Khairy expressed great satisfaction regarding performance of national sailing team which delivered 2 gold, 3 silver & 3 bronze at SEA Games Myanmar 2013. As per the senior minister, his country is hopeful about great performances from national sailing team at Incheon Asian Games which is about to be held come September.

The Malaysia sailing squad was rewarded with RM 45,000 by the minister given its successful contest at SEA Games last year.

Neptune Group Yachting Launches Their New Website

Neptune Group Yachting, the international luxury charter agency has launched their new website. Compared to their previous website this one looks far better and it has been properly updated and redesigned. It will also showcase the company’s color palette that will offer a lot of information including educational articles that would help the clients to get all the information about the available yachts and also the vacation packages. DJ Parker, the Charter Sales Agent and also the president of Neptune Group Yachting during the launch of the website said that their main aim was to create an exciting structure for the visitors so that the browsing and navigation to multiple levels in the website became easier. This was missing from the previous website and the webmasters have rectified that this time. The website is user friendly this time and the people visiting it will have no difficulty understanding anything.

After the launch of the website people were told to access the website and give an overview as to how it is and everyone seemed to be really happy with it. It has the information of over 25 different areas of cruising which is more than any other website and it also has each and every detail about the luxury yachts. Apart from the specifications and the descriptions there are apt images for each and every detail and on top of that there are several offers for some specific yachts too. The president also revealed that the website would have all the information required for the visitors about the other divisions of Neptune Group Yachting that would include the Neptune crew. This would also have enough information about placement services and different recruitment sectors. Information about the brokerage division of Neptune will also be there. Parker informed that they have tried to make the website as much user friendly as possible without hampering the information that needs to be provided in it.

Nordhavn Cadenza For Sale

The Nordhavn Cadenza is now on sale. The 76 feet Nordhavn Cadenza has been listed for sale on the brokerage market by broker Tom Allen in the Seattle office of Fraser Yachts Worldwide. The yacht was built in the year 2006. However, it underwent a considerable refit in the year 2009. The refit that the yacht underwent included conversion of the yacht from that of diesel electric to conventional drives.

According to the broker, the yacht was built as diesel electric boat, and the system of which failed. Thus, the owners decide on going back to conventional drives instead of trying to repair it. Naval architects were hired for the purpose by the owners. The naval architects carried out all the required stability tests and every other test and work that was necessary. “It was a tremendous project”, says broker Tom Allen. The work almost went on for a year in the Port Townshend in Washington State. The final outcome of the project turned out to be magnificent. The boat, then, became perfect through and through. Broker Tom Allen added, “This owner is not shy about spending money.”

The Nordhavn Cadenza has cruised a lot. It has cruised all along the East Coast. It continued its cruie throughout the Caribbean too. All along it has also received further upgrades to its design, which also included addition of new decks made of teakwood. The boat is now in an amazing condition that spectators would love. Emphasising on how beautiful the Nordhavn Cadenza looks, broker Tom Allen says, “It has traveled well, and it lives in a boathouse in Anacortes, so it is in really spectacular condition.”

The Nordhavn Cadenza is presently listed for sale because the owners have another new boat coming up this summer. They are building a new which would measure 108 feet and is presumed to be launched by this summer. Thus, they want the Cadenza to be sold off by the same time. the current asking price for Cadenza is $ 3.5 million.

ARC Rally Sees New Records Being Created

This year’s ARC transatlantic rally has been record breaking and extraordinary in more ways than one. First of all, the rally set a new high water mark becoming the largest transocean sailing event, in which 268 yachts and around 1400 crew members sailed from the Gran Canaria to Saint Lucia either through the Cape Verde Islands or directly in the parallel ARC+ rally.

The second record that was decisively stamped was the new course record of 10 days 21 hours. The new record was set by the absolutely gorgeous new Brotin 65 of Max Klink. This was the fastest crossing in the 27 years of history of the ARC rally. However, the most extraordinary part of this is, it is in all probability the fastest and well as the slowest in the history of ARC. As the tradewinds started the desert the rally course, most of the crew members have wallowed through the light winds and a few of them will face a tough time reaching by Christmas.

Till now, only a dozen yachts have been able to finish and there is a 5 day spread between them. The average crossing time will be about 19 to 20 days and that is really slow.

The very unusual ARC of this year also witnessed two more firsts. The event has seen what is most definitely the longest distance that has ever been sailed in the event, a marathon that spread for 3494 miles and was logged by the Baltic 78 Laetitia crew members as the hauled over the top of the low pressure system (rhumb line, the distance of which is 2660 miles). Also, there has been the biggest ever stretch from the north to the south as the tradewinds southwards were displaced by a high pressure area and among the rush to the south, a few crews dipped below the Saint Lucia latitude.

Yachting Federation Superior

The growing criticisms over the acquisition of upcoming SEA Games Sailing events venue Ngwe Saung has been deflected by the Myanmar Yachting Federation Superior U Moe Mint. The Burmese business tycoon is raising strong protest against the residents’ claim that the venue was forcibly acquired from them by military officials in 1977.

As per the reports, Myint has invested around 17 million USD on Ngwe Saung Yacht Club & Marina Development lying along Ngwe Saung Beach (Bu Kway Gyi village). This development is an initiative by the Myint and Associates, one of the major corporations headed by the Yacht Federation President. It would include a premium luxury hotel along with as many as 34 bungalows & 100 rooms plus an edgy yacht club. Myint’s company would be operating the hotel post SEA Games, paying a yearly rent of around 1.5 % of earnings to Myanmar Sports Ministry, with minimum 15K million per year.

While approached about the acquisition of the venue, Myint strongly defended his stand stating that neither the federation nor he were responsible regarding the original acquisition of the land or the compensation received by its original owners. “For any queries on land ownership & the ownership issues, one must address the inquiries to the Sports Ministry. The venue has just been delegated to us by the Sports Ministry”, stated the Burmese business tycoon.

According to the sources, 3 Burmese brothers- U Soe Lwin, U Sein Than & U Kyin Myint- claimed of being the owners of the land till 1977. As per their claims, it was Major Yin Shen. the then Secretary of Dist. Peace & Development Council violently enforced them to sell off the plantation below the usual market price. The 3 brothers received a meager K1200 per tree.

The Sports Ministry too expressed least concern over the 3 brothers’ claim over the Ngwe Saung venue. “It isn’t my concern. It’s finished & the land now belongs to our government”, commented U Thaung Htike, the Deputy Minister of Sports in Myanmar.

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