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Hillard-Darden team win J/70 Midwinter

This might be their 2ndmajor J/70 meet, but Reese Hillard and Glenn Darden on Hoss checked the contest at J/70 Midwinter Championship (26th to 28th Feb.) to snatch the title. J/80 World Champion Darden was at the helm with Jonathan McKee and Karl Anderson, and co-owner Hillard.
Darden has been sailing with Hillard for the past twenty years. He told that he has a great team. They added Jonathan who is a Gold medalist, and he would never sailed with him before the past couple regattas. He has helped them get up to speed.
Hoss was able to throw-out a thirteen from the last race, keeping a queue of 3,6,2,2,1,2,2 for eighteen points. The 2nd place team, Sea Bags Sailing Team of Will Welles, was seventeen points back. Allan Terhune’s Dazzler finished the top 3 with forty-one points. The top Corinthian squad was Snaproll of William Ballard.
Glenn Darden credited the Race Committee as well as PRO Todd Fedyazyn and stating that they all did a great job. It was tricky, shifty, and very puffy even in the bigger breeze. They had to deal with a variety of conditions.


Coast Guard comes to rescue HUGO BOSS

Guillermo Altadill and Alex Thomson, the captains of IMOCA 60 HUGO BOSS yacht in the double-handed Transat Jacques Vabre, spark their emergency beacon later this afternoon at 13.25 pm UT. The Spanish Coastguard sent a helicopter to their location, around 82 nautical miles, from the Spanish coast. Both Guillermo and Alex were rescued from the location by helicopter and they are on their way back to the land.

Following the beginning of the race on 25th October, the team asked on 28th October that yacht HUGO BOSS suffered some structural damage, and Guillermo and Alex had hove to at 15:00 to address the troubles. Later in the day, after a repair session, they decided to return to shore to better deal with the situation. (more…)

PURE INSANITY Super Yacht By BAGLIETTO In Antibes!!!

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Chef Aaron starts Yacht Club seafood place in Arcadia

On Sunday, a Valley restaurateur Aaron May debuted his hotly expected 0eafood restaurant named The Yacht Club, located in Phoenix. Arcadia eatery, which is open for dinner everyday, provides almost nearly thirty seafood cuisines ranging in price from around US$ 6 appetizers to US$ 30 entrees that includes halibut, lemon lobster pasta, paella, wild salmon and fish tacos.

The raw bar of the restaurant serves clams, oysters, calamari, shrimp ceviche and octopus.

May, who starts the restaurant as executive chef, told that when it comes to seafood, he believe the Valley is underserved. The menu would alter depending on the availability of the seafood, told May, who along with the LTB restaurant group handles 9 restaurants in Colorado and Arizona.

For people who love food from the land, Yacht Club is there o offer fried chicken, a cheeseburger, filet mignon and seared duck. May told that Yacht Club seats hundred diners who would be comfortable dressed up or sporting shorts. (more…)

Meteor Yacht

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One Direction Boys Swimming Shirtless on Yacht in Australia!

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(Derf’s) iPhone Ad

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Auckland may hold 2017 America’s Cup World Series events

One of the next year’s America’s Cup World Series events may be held at Auckland. The qualifier matches and playoffs will be held in 2015 and 2016 respectively and the finals will be held in 2017. Two venues for the events have already been announced. And the other venues will be chosen unanimously by the participating teams.

Harvey Schiller said that for the first time in the history of America’s Cup World Series, each of the teams is given a chance to play host to the competition’s events.  He said that the six teams participating in the competition are inclined to play host to at least one event in the next two years and he said that the authorities will be planning the events keeping the aforementioned fact in mind. (more…)

Mormon Multiplicity Chapel from Thursday Morning Live

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