• Hunter Galipeau
    Sep 04, 2013., 19:52 •

    no problem, you guys did good

  • SaiyanAndRaxen
    Sep 04, 2013., 20:16 •

    Why thank you. ;) ~ Raxen

  • Hunter Galipeau
    Sep 04, 2013., 21:09 •

    that moment where briggs is better than sam.

  • Николай Горбунов
    Sep 04, 2013., 21:41 •

    you two have the same color lights lol how cute

  • SaiyanAndRaxen
    Sep 04, 2013., 21:57 •

    AMD FX 8350 CPU and an EVGA Gtx 680 Classified GPU. While playing online on this game ill randomly experience frame drops all the way to to low 20's which render the game pretty much unplayable in a game type like Spies Vs Mercs, but its only happened a few times and if i restart the game it goes back to normal. My game normally runs on average of 60fps

  • Snampired
    Sep 04, 2013., 22:27 •

    What is your rig? Because the game runs like shit for me. (AMD)

  • SaiyanAndRaxen
    Sep 04, 2013., 23:20 •

    Thanks! We really appreciate it. :) If you ever want to play a game with us, just let us know!

  • AwesomeGamer1647
    Sep 04, 2013., 23:51 •

    Good video guys!

  • SaiyanAndRaxen
    Sep 05, 2013., 00:22 •

    Saiyan's a noob and stopped recording as soon as he needed to be recording. :P lol. At 17:10 he's in this side room with a simple desk, I think it has a computer but it isn't the one you're looking for. There's a bookshelf in the back that you walk up to with a book you can activate. It'll open up a secret door! Sorry for the confusion and thanks for the comment!

  • YakuzaShinobi
    Sep 05, 2013., 01:15 •

    how do u get that laptop o.0