Coville On His Solo Race

Vendee Globe is probably not the only sailing race seeing solo skippers attempting to cover the waters of the world as Thomas Coville is also on his way to setting a new record for covering the waters solo.

He is sailing on his maxi trimaran and he has recently crossed the southern tip of the South American continent. His aim is to break the current world record for covering the waters solo. At present, he has to cover about 2609 nm. His last speed averages around 529.4 nm. His margin is increasing as per the current record set by Francis Joyon, who set the last record in covering the world’s waters in a time span of 57 days, 13 hours, 34 minutes and 6 seconds. This record was set by Joyon by January 2008. As per this record, Coville would have to finish the race by January 3rd, reaching by 4 hours, 23 min in the morning as per the ETA set by him. The period of travel between December 25th and 31st remains crucial.

Thomas Coville is continuing with his leading position on his trimaran named Sodebo Ultim’. He is currently pursuing the northerly course, as he is approaching the Canary Islands. If you look at the background of this global trip, Thomas is trying to break the last record. He started the trip from Brest in France in November and he needs to reach the stretch between the two islands of Lizard Point and Ushant which is located in the southern part of England. He needs to finish the race with the speed and time span mentioned above. All eyes are on him as to whether he can keep up the pace that he has built and be able to reach in record time.