Getting Ready For The Olympics

If you ask a sailing veteran who has been in the Olympics he will tell you that the experience of preparing for the event is akin to climbing the Everest. That shows the kind of determination and commitment that is required for reaching the top or to qualify for a world class competition like Rio.

For sailing, like any other sport, the pinnacle of the sport is to compete in the Olympics. There are stars who are born from competitions in sailing like Youth Sailing World Championships or Sailing World Cup, but when they qualify for the Olympics and are able to win, that are when they come of age.

It is where stars are made and dreams come true and champions are owned by the respective countries. For every Olympiad there is a compelling narrative to say about their journey to the Olympics and it is akin to climbing the highest mountain peak in the world. Some will have started sailing on a Croatia Yacht Charter, whilst others will have trained since they were children.

The same is the experience of Jonas Hogh-Christensen, who is a silver medalist of London 2012 Olympics as well as winner of the Finn Gold Cup two times. He says it is akin to the feeling of climbing the highest peak. When you come down you want to achieve the same challenge again, even though there are several physical challenges that are present. It is also necessary to keep up the mental strength and motivation levels up every day.

Hogh-Chrishtensen would know as he has faced the mountain when he was part of the 2012 Olympic Games. The battle had been a gripping one. The battle was to become a decorated sailor as well as aiming to break existing records as well as to make the fellow mates proud. Though it was disappointing for Hogh-Christensen it meant that his business with the Olympics was not yet over.


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