• VenturianTale
    Oct 05, 2014., 06:58 •

    Oct 05, 2014., 07:54 •


  • LavaPig
    Oct 05, 2014., 08:04 •

    Under 301 club who's in it

  • Meadow Kerr
    Oct 05, 2014., 08:28 •

    Gertrude won the 300 year trycitineril boat race and won 100000 papa acachalla dollars (Wait.. .What?!) xD I said it here instead of in the wiki :l

  • rohit sanyal
    Oct 05, 2014., 08:28 •

    Roses are red, Venturian is blue.I'm the 301st viewer and so are you!

  • [TeamSR] Seanerzat - Gaming Galore!
    Oct 05, 2014., 08:55 •

    10:00 LOL AHAHAHAH +SylarGrimm I'm so so so sorry for you...

  • Katelyn Daley
    Oct 05, 2014., 09:23 •

    why has there been no fallout?

  • Marlene Hernandez
    Oct 05, 2014., 10:00 •

    Yep, you guys crash it. Seriously, stop crashing your game, it's gonna destroy your computer xD

  • Errol Kedic
    Oct 05, 2014., 10:24 •

    is it me or do almost all commenters use incorrect grammar? #go to school

  • May Erza Sasha Petra Terra Blair Scarlet Braus Ral
    Oct 05, 2014., 10:41 •


  • D.N.A. Cat
    Oct 05, 2014., 10:50 •

    Play Sniper Elite III please :)

  • gian a.
    Oct 05, 2014., 11:26 •

    Its not a mod its an addon '-'

  • Papa Acachalla
    Oct 05, 2014., 12:22 •

    The boat didn't time travel because it wasn't going 88 miles per hour 

  • Kiu & Random
    Oct 05, 2014., 13:15 •

    :( why you advertise for Qeios, but not post it last Monday... -Random

  • Adrian sevilla
    Oct 05, 2014., 13:26 •

    UH... thats fiora at 13:20 .... so idk.. But x3

  • Kunstruktive Kritisisim
    Oct 05, 2014., 13:58 •

    It was actually made in World War IV, Papa Acachalla obviously got his wars wrong.

  • thespartanspy mc
    Oct 05, 2014., 14:29 •

    Hey venturian play TTT in gm_lair

  • Javott42
    Oct 05, 2014., 15:03 •

    Oh poor Sylar.....

  • Nepeta Leijon
    Oct 05, 2014., 15:56 •

    :33 < billy.....billy what are you doing.....billy. billy :33 < 10:20

  • Zance Hulsey
    Oct 05, 2014., 16:13 •


  • max tesdal
    Oct 05, 2014., 16:27 •

    im a pig fear me

  • Tyler Cunningham
    Oct 05, 2014., 16:45 •


  • Aex Bridger
    Oct 05, 2014., 16:45 •

    What is the skyrim video at the end with all the dragons again??

  • Singers Pixle
    Oct 05, 2014., 17:35 •

    the bank teller screwed up, how does that not surprise me? oh my I'VE TURNED INTO A MONSTER Jimmy:no I'm a... Me: *your cut off by me slapping you* no you are not a monster now drop your knife and clean your clothes put on new ones and get back here so I can yell at you for calling your self ugly Jimmy:but- but me: JIMMY CASKET GO NOW OR I WILL TAKE YOUR KNIFE AND LOCK YOU FROM KILLING FOR A YEAR Jimmy: yeah sure mom *sarcastic* Me: oh you think so *calls Jane* well maybe your crush can tell you other wise if you don't I tell her you like her Jimmy:OK I'LL GO JUST DON'T SAY A WORD *runs off and drops knife then puts on hoodie and walks out shamed* Me:I told her anyway cause you took to long Jimmy:YOU DEAD Me:no I'm not Jimmy: What makes you so sure Me:because un like you I have your knife *holds it up then breaks it and throws it out the window* Jimmy: I don't need my knife Me:to kill a shadow lurker you do Jimmy: dang it Me:yeah get owned Jimmy:by what Me:by this *puches him in the gut and throws him out the window to where Jane is standing there looking at him and laughing* Jimmy:you heard Jane:yeah and I think its cute you like me sense I tried to kill you........ ten times :l Jimmt:don't even ((WHERE DID THIS GO I HAVE NO IDEA BUT +Jane Toast(johnny toast's older sister) WILL KILL ME HER BRITISH DISCO IS BRUTE XD OH WELL ITS BETTER THEN WHAT I DID TO SCAR SHE GOT ON MY TWITTER AND POSTED THAT I LIKE ISSAC WHICH I DON'T I GOT A BOYFRIEND TO WORRY ABOUT not and I don't like Issac lie OK THEN BYE MY PIXLES THIS WAS AWKWARD BYE!!!!!!!!!!))

  • Chef Excellence
    Oct 05, 2014., 17:49 •

    Bring back just cause 2