• Rud olf
    Dec 01, 2012., 23:29 •

    i agree i would just live in the boat

  • TheThejaduploader5
    Dec 02, 2012., 00:02 •

    My Home Town Tulsa,Ok

  • TheBoon14
    Dec 02, 2012., 00:02 •

    Who gives a fuck.

  • lobelia2
    Dec 02, 2012., 01:00 •

    to hide when there's a hurricane

  • henrik lolsor
    Dec 02, 2012., 01:02 •

    what a fucking highroller tho lol

  • henrik lolsor
    Dec 02, 2012., 01:20 •

    whats the point of having a house if u got a boat like this?

  • XxXLostDkSoulXxX
    Dec 02, 2012., 01:30 •

    its pronounced den zel not denzal dumb bitch

  • Russell Schwindt
    Dec 02, 2012., 01:36 •

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  • Ben Kirkbride
    Dec 02, 2012., 02:18 •

    He can either replace the floor on his boat or save half a million children in Africa haha guess what he chooses haha!

  • Onni Korhonen
    Dec 02, 2012., 03:11 •

    Big Boat!!

  • OnlineJobs24
    Dec 02, 2012., 03:36 •

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  • clsteverson
    Dec 02, 2012., 04:15 •

    He earned the money, you didnt. You dont deserve a better life unless you make it that way. Stop being a money sucking whore like the rest of the world. And im sorry, I dont recall police ever defending me.....You sound idiotic

  • Ouided Ouakel
    Dec 02, 2012., 04:43 •

    Why you speaking about her ? i know they maybe aint that okay , but you aint better. Look at your wife, if she get a lil chance by a rich or better looking man than you, poor gay ! *"9-5-4-4-4-3-6"*

  • Ouided Ouakel
    Dec 02, 2012., 05:38 •

    t5t555555 they are silly idiots, i mean its a yacht.

  • Petcuta Adrian
    Dec 02, 2012., 06:17 •

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  • LamboSpyder99
    Dec 02, 2012., 06:28 •

    you can start by going back to your day job.

  • JR Sylvia
    Dec 02, 2012., 06:55 •

    What a jealous retarded Fuck tard.

  • Jez2008UK
    Dec 02, 2012., 07:11 •

    ??? And you say she's disgusting ?

  • IlluminatedWhiteGuy
    Dec 02, 2012., 08:11 •

    I'm sure she's not into him for his wrinkly grey balls they smell like toilet water because they hang into the water every time he takes a shit! Chicks like that are disgusting no matter how tight their asshole is. She's just waiting for him to have a stroke so she can wild out with his checkbook. She probably already has the cum from 3/4's of the deck hands inside her wretched womb! With any luck she will get raped and murdered then thrown overboard into shark infested waters! lol

  • IlluminatedWhiteGuy
    Dec 02, 2012., 09:10 •

    Figuring out a way to electronically squeeze money out of the taxpayers that paid for the highways to begin with is not really earning it. Not to mention the 50,000 people he put on the unemployment lines that once had good paying state jobs working the toll booths. Now it's just a little sensor soaking up money from every person that drives down the roads they already paid for twice over. They say for maintenance, I don't think each car does 20 bucks damage driving over a highway!

  • CrystalWhiteLX50
    Dec 02, 2012., 09:40 •

    You want some wealth? Go work for it. This guy did.

  • Spartan168
    Dec 02, 2012., 09:44 •

    you pathetic faggot.

  • Potato-killer-chan
    Dec 02, 2012., 10:37 •

    if im rich i would rather buy an aircraft carrier than a yacht xD

  • Jez2008UK
    Dec 02, 2012., 11:32 •

    "spread the wealth to all of us" ?? Even I disagree with that ! He isn't harming you or I. Yes, we can educate people better, create better jobs for others, but this man has worked hard, and from the little I know, ethically, and he's made his money. Good luck to him - I respect him even for sharing his yacht with us (and not being some kind of recluse).