• Mustache Skatez
    Aug 31, 2012., 01:32 •

    so what happens if they are under attack the billionaire is fucked then

  • Nikolay Uzunov
    Aug 31, 2012., 02:04 •

    300 000 000$ uh? That makes around 4 dollars for every working russian.4$ stolen

  • Maurizio Vanzella
    Aug 31, 2012., 02:18 •

    che sciffo 

  • Wanjoo Kim
    Aug 31, 2012., 02:38 •

    I'd love to hear that this megalomaniacal turd sank.

  • Donni Geovani
    Aug 31, 2012., 03:01 •

    thats nothing mines got like 20 pools and a airstrip for commercial airlines my sht got a race track this guys "boat" isn't ready

  • Wombat Stevens
    Aug 31, 2012., 03:56 •

    Ah yes, the ol' religion tactic. Ok, you win the guy's a rich slob who should instead be practicing communism as opposed to living comfortable. I wonder if the world was large enough to allow everyone to live this way if anyone would then be complaining about the guy who just bought the planet next door and how he should be buying his neighbors more stuff. There are a lot of people doing philanthropic and charitable acts (many make it a life's work ). You clicked on a video like this to hate. :)

  • Ray Rumming
    Aug 31, 2012., 04:46 •

    Wouldent it be kinder of him if he gave all that money to charity?. he would be just as happy.

  • bobisnietmijnnaam
    Aug 31, 2012., 05:41 •

    If I was that rich I would go even more over the top...

  • demaciu88
    Aug 31, 2012., 06:26 •

    what is waste?

  • LemonzTarget
    Aug 31, 2012., 07:12 •

    If you're rich, have too....

  • ImTheBatchMan
    Aug 31, 2012., 08:05 •

    When you spend that much, you gotta find some ways to cut corners. XD

  • FlyWithDelta
    Aug 31, 2012., 08:09 •

    no ha i have a 37 foot yacht it was 1.7million.

  • SergeiKrutov
    Aug 31, 2012., 08:15 •

    I think ppl should be electrocuted for such money waste 

  • Nick Ross
    Aug 31, 2012., 08:47 •

    And I ran out of patience for this degree of decadence at the alligator hide chair.

  • watajob
    Aug 31, 2012., 09:02 •

    I'm not sure what the dollar amount is. But, I'm sure St. Peter will be able to tell him. And, in which direction to then proceed. :)

  • Wombat Stevens
    Aug 31, 2012., 09:36 •

    He should have just given him the floor I doubt he'll be standing on that one much, he'll be to busy doing something else while the guy that really owns the dog will make sure it lands it on that two foot by three and a half maybe four foot lego landing pad of pooplace. HE COULD have spun pure gold doggy pads for his dog. Fiber glass like gold absorbant dog pads. ONLY $900,000,000 USD for 4. can re-order with the order code #OC2417BSHT

  • Wombat Stevens
    Aug 31, 2012., 10:15 •

    I know hahahahaha... "8 feet to the left please COMPUTER".. computer-"YES CAPTAIN. WOULD YOU LIKE SOME COFFE, PERHAPS A DOUGHNUT? I COULD CHOPPER IN A CONJUGAL FOR YA, ANYTHING AT ALL REALLY JUST SAY ...COMPUTER? Fully NSA compliant comment omment omkent omment omment as my computer gets taken over shut down Phased over to their headquarters and then...hopefully they leak the rest 8-)

  • Wombat Stevens
    Aug 31, 2012., 11:11 •

    at what dollar amount do you get to start enjoying your money. I mean god only freaking knows why one man gets to have that much money but he does and he's F'ng paying 40 grand for some metal shower heads. I get where you're coming from and maybe he actually has donated to charities or the like. I have a sneeze in a napkin stepped on and incinerated's worth of money compared to that guy and who am I still, to judge the man. I drooled when he opened his "garage"-3 sexy boat races on the water.8-)

  • watajob
    Aug 31, 2012., 12:10 •

    I'm wondering how many hungry people could have been fed instead?

  • ChariotRider
    Aug 31, 2012., 12:19 •

    what a cush job that captain has! lucky ruskie bastard! lol

  • Hauling Tampa Junk Removal
    Aug 31, 2012., 12:59 •

    What a waste...It might be worth 2 mill

  • wafflepunkk
    Aug 31, 2012., 13:30 •

    $300 million dollar boat, and he couldn't find something better than a wooden palette to put his dog's tiny grass area on?

  • Tom T
    Aug 31, 2012., 13:39 •

    I thought a Cabo 50' was sweet.......

  • hockeytruth
    Aug 31, 2012., 14:07 •