• sundanceyachts
    Jul 09, 2013., 13:28 •

    Hi Carl, thank you for the comment! The price is on our web site at the bottom of the Crossover page. The link is in the video description above. (YouTube won't let me put the link in comments) Thanks! Nick @ Sundance

  • sundanceyachts
    Jul 09, 2013., 13:39 •

    Hi Mike, no problem! The Crossover will include a washer/dryer in the master stateroom, in the cabinets below the forward hanging locker. That is one thing I forgot to cover in the video. It will be a vented (as opposed to not vented, which some are) combo unit which is very convenient because you can set it to run a full wash/dry cycle without returning to start the dry. Stack might be doable but I'd stick with the combo if it were me. Let me know if you have more questions. Thanks! -Nick

  • sundanceyachts
    Jul 09, 2013., 14:13 •

    Hi Rod, great question. We've been seriously exploring solar options as well as electric drive possibilities. These are things that we fully intend on offering at some point in the very near future. If you would like I can keep you updated on our progress. Nick @ Sundance (503) 283-3216

  • MrMikePhx
    Jul 09, 2013., 14:50 •

    Nick, please excuse my delayed response. I've not figured out how to track replies such as your's. Most courteous. Since viewing this option, I've been trolling other house boat options, new and used. It boils down to this, where can I put a stackable washer, dryer? Is that even feasible?

  • AlohaEnergy
    Jul 09, 2013., 15:22 •

    Nice liveaboard design with very efficient hull design, kudos. Great good luck on sales. Hope you're using sprayfoam insulation everywhere you can and "flotation" foam in all the unused spaces of the hulls as well. Would love to talk to you about that.

  • Rod Slupe
    Jul 09, 2013., 16:08 •

    I think it is an amazing concept, but why diesel when you have all the space necessary for solar?

  • Carl Clavadetscher
    Jul 09, 2013., 16:46 •

    This boat has the styling, design, construction to make it a huge seller. Price....TBD.

  • Prince Hakeem
    Jul 09, 2013., 16:55 •

    This vessel is AMAZING!When I grow up I want one just like it SERIOUSLY!

  • sundanceyachts
    Jul 09, 2013., 17:52 •

    Hi Mike, the Crossover would be a fantastic live-aboard! Speaking from personal experience, I've lived aboard another style of boat for about three years and would love to upgrade to a Crossover. The interior has the same wide open, luxurious, comfortable feel that the concept boat that we built last year (the WaterLoft) has, which is currently a live-aboard in Seattle. Let us know if you have any questions and thanks for the feedback. Nick @ Sundance

  • MrMikePhx
    Jul 09, 2013., 18:51 •

    I certainly like what I see and hear. What are your thoughts re: Live aboard suitability?

  • Boatrgirl
    Jul 09, 2013., 19:25 •

    Wow, looks like a boat to consider for our retirement live aboard. Just wish the Heat/AC and generator were not options, on Yacht this size, I would think it would come as standard equipment. Also did you ever consider dual helm stations, so the Capt. could have the option of steering the yacht from the upper deck? I'm going to show my husband this video as this yacht has features that I like.

  • The Rey3 Design
    Jul 09, 2013., 19:37 •

    Phenomenal video and 3D illustrations- we could help you with sustainable interior design that keeps the yacht more affordable yet gives it luxury- could we talk? please check out our website

  • Allen Nazeri
    Jul 09, 2013., 19:38 •

    keep us posted. very smart engineering

  • Michael Garrity
    Jul 09, 2013., 19:56 •

    We have a 70 foot Monticello River Yacht we run on the Ohio. One of these might be an interesting alternative to running the boat we have. Being its length---it would be easier to find places to dock it when taking river trips since there are fewer and fewer docks big enough along the river that can accommodate a boat our size.

  • Michael Garrity
    Jul 09, 2013., 20:09 •

    This is an interesting concept for a boat of this type--but for those of us east of the Mississippi---with shipping costs and logistics----it makes it kind of hard to and expensive to get them to this part of the country. Maybe you ought to see about either getting a production facility somewhere in the eastern US or contracting with one of the houseboat companies down in central Kentucky. I bet that the folks at Majestic Yachts, who really aren't building many boats any longer might do it.

  • tahitiketch1
    Jul 09, 2013., 20:12 •

    This is terrific. I had a similar idea, tri-hull with about the same dimensions. This is better than what I had in mind. A Sail would be a good addition for coastal cruising....

  • JERRY Rappoport
    Jul 09, 2013., 20:59 •

    when will it be coast approved and for rivers,bays, and overall safety. I hope it will be priced right.

  • sundanceyachts
    Jul 09, 2013., 21:27 •

    Hi Marty, thanks for checking out the Crossover! It comes with bow and stern thrusters as standard equipment. Also, the three hulls track straighter than a similarly sized mono-hull so it should handle great in windy conditions. Let me know if you have any questions about it. Thanks! Nick @ Sundance

  • ariddragon
    Jul 09, 2013., 21:55 •

    In fact if Marty bothered to look at their web site he would have found that this Yacht has both bow and stern thrusters as standard equipment.

  • Marty Burbank
    Jul 09, 2013., 22:53 •

    single screw, 49" with lots of windage, no thrustsers--kind of scary on a windy lake.

  • Amanda Schlaefli
    Jul 09, 2013., 23:11 •

    SO COOL!!!

  • Adam R. Reese
    Jul 10, 2013., 00:03 •

    This is a great built fiberglass cruiser/yacht.... nice!

  • Scott Smith
    Jul 10, 2013., 00:42 •

    Boaters Talk Radio APPROVES of this design, is excited to test ride this water based home and looks forward to the 1st production run. We see baby-boomers as live-aboard owners soon! This will also make a great vacation ownership product.

  • dennis stallings
    Jul 10, 2013., 00:44 •

    Way Cool !!!! 

  • HewingEnterprise
    Jul 10, 2013., 01:22 •

    Very Impressive! :)