iPhone Parody Ad – Ian “iShrooms”

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  • showerbomb
    Jul 03, 2013., 23:18 •

    even though these cats have a cool name "iShroomai" and make a killer unique iPhone 4/4S case. Check out there Self Healing Active Armor Membrane. Whether you're sober, baked, on mescaline or on any psychedelic drug, you will trip on their video. Go like it.

  • sally blue
    Jul 04, 2013., 00:14 •


  • sexyfly1992
    Jul 04, 2013., 00:16 •

    that doesnt happen...

  • Grettgert
    Jul 04, 2013., 00:29 •

    Or.... you can just not do drugs and still be happy.

  • Varina Passionfruit
    Jul 04, 2013., 01:24 •

    Anti-drug bullshit from ignorant dolts who have never tried psychactive plants, or did and had a bad experience. That doesn't mean 'shrooms, pot, peyote and othe plant-based substances are bad. They can also be amazing and transformative if used correctly in the proper situation and mindset. Lumping all mind-altering substances together is just the ignorant hysteria of people who only see things in black and white.

  • garth9
    Jul 04, 2013., 01:30 •

    only makes me want to try shrooms more. Tell someone not to do something, and they're gonna at least think of trying it.

  • HaniiPuppy
    Jul 04, 2013., 02:20 •

    that is the perfect anti-drug advert xD