• Andy Day
    Jul 06, 2013., 16:30 •

    I'd rather have a beautiful yatch and sail to a beautiful real island. Fun concept but CHEEEEZEEEEE.

  • Yahuveh Final-Warning
    Jul 06, 2013., 17:18 •

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  • TRVideosify
    Jul 06, 2013., 17:19 •

    i'd like to be rich

  • grandroy slam
    Jul 06, 2013., 18:06 •

    beeing rich d'ont make u smart or intelligent one just as to bee born !!!!!!!!!!!!! look at george w bush when he will get all that money

  • ThaRealGecko
    Jul 06, 2013., 18:22 •

    Yeah wise words man... thats exactly what im doing XD why be on something that wants to be something its not... o.O

  • shortmann27
    Jul 06, 2013., 18:58 •

    i bet its fake

  • basellii brisbourne
    Jul 06, 2013., 19:32 •

    mixin things up , thats good.

  • rider2knight
    Jul 06, 2013., 19:44 •

    rich people help more than not. There would be no jobs, no Disneyland's, just a bunch of people complaining about the least poor person not sharing. The fact is that it is impossible to become a billionaire with out providing a service that helps the common man somehow. I heard it like this, 'everyone has a gift that makes them unique. The trick is finding out what that gift is that you Enjoy doing, then you do it so well, better than anyone else so you can make money doing it.

  • Wombat Stevens
    Jul 06, 2013., 19:50 •

    well said. I'm broke and agree with your statement. Just to be fair though, Holy shit that's a lot of boat.

  • papercross
    Jul 06, 2013., 20:12 •


  • ReTweetrix
    Jul 06, 2013., 20:33 •

    Another ugly yacht! Why not make them look like the gracious yachts of old. This looks like Disney land's Pirates of the Caribbean pm a raft.

  • Kurt Sadler
    Jul 06, 2013., 20:35 •

    dat yatch dont start yet

  • tom en icha Esquivion
    Jul 06, 2013., 21:15 •

    after one day on that so calld island jou get so boring en fat up from it,,its a waste off mony en energie,,are better things to build with that mony,,

  • lcyw20
    Jul 06, 2013., 21:54 •

    It's all a bit much of a muchness. If I want to go to a tropical island, I don't stay on a yacht--I go to a tropical island!

  • typeerk
    Jul 06, 2013., 22:26 •

    If I was thinkink of buying this yacht for myself the only thing I would really want is my soul back!

  • Sad0felix
    Jul 06, 2013., 23:15 •

    Did you ever realize that the owners of luxurious stuff do actually pay the salary of those who engineer, build and sell them!? And of those that engineer, build and sell the parts that are manufactured by factories others than the Yacht maker itself? And of those feeding the workers of those factories (bars, restaurants, malls, etc.) And of those working on board, or for maintenance and repairs, or for refuelling and supplying it. And so on. Don't think one stupid way only.

  • fredfinks
    Jul 06, 2013., 23:54 •

    I want a yacht with a world on it that has an ocean with its own super yacht. 

  • Nicola Reddwooddforest
    Jul 07, 2013., 00:19 •

    What I want in my perfect yacht is a 100 000 or 200 000 square foot building and 3 acres of grass with trees around it. The entire yacht needs to be 100 percent solar powered and be 100 percent self sufficient with its own sewer treatment facility which uses natural ponds for a purification system and composting. The materials used for building the entire yacht should be bullet proof plexi glass, stainless steel, Sander's recycled Styrofoam cement. Never wood for anything. No leather. No fur.

  • Dubai Eiffel Tower
    Jul 07, 2013., 00:39 •

    great video

    Jul 07, 2013., 01:10 •

    funny thing is i bout this

  • CoksAZ
    Jul 07, 2013., 01:53 •

    again, its a personal call, its not an obligation, as if the ridiculous amounts of money that person has to pay (on behalf of the company or w/e) to the government isnt enough, you could say that rich people basically pay for government aid programs.. it would be wrong to enforce them to do more with their money, it is also wrong to ask for something that isnt yours no matter the bountiful amounts of money a person might have.

  • Dan Torres
    Jul 07, 2013., 02:21 •

    anomalyluna, That's the funniest thing I've heard in a very long time.

  • anomalyluna
    Jul 07, 2013., 02:57 •

    If I had that yacht I would just lay around on it all day doing heroin. Of course, I don't currently use heroin, but if you had a yacht like that, you pretty much have to.

  • Godot4081
    Jul 07, 2013., 03:15 •

    This yacht would seem appropriate then, as it seems to have been designed with its own asshole from the picture.

  • ThePianosarah
    Jul 07, 2013., 03:37 •

    Of course it is their own decision, but isn't there some kind of social responsibility which comes with owning lots of capital or money? I think so