• crkemppainen
    Jul 06, 2013., 18:12 •

    If i had all the money i ever wanted this is what i would do.

  • JustineBieberxoxo
    Jul 06, 2013., 18:20 •

    That is exactly the reason. Well for me anyay. And to get slightly hammered away from everything and everyone. Slightly, since you do not want to be wasted when shit hits the fan. But you need a little pirate mentality right?

  • NoodleNinjah
    Jul 06, 2013., 18:22 •

    Stand up for the Youtube national anthem

  • Michael Tovar
    Jul 06, 2013., 18:27 •

    Another sailing video ruined by this shitty song. I thought the REASON people went sailing was for the peaceful sounds of water slapping the hull, and the wind moving through the rigging?

  • DrPilotRedC
    Jul 06, 2013., 19:16 •

    Do people use this song just to troll?