Severn Will Take Lesson From Incident

When sailors touch water they know there is a risk and the dip in temperature the risk factor grows up. An incident that happened with participants of Severn Sailing Association was same. The cold front swept into the area, making two dozen people fell into the cold water.

The association of Severn Sailing has taken the matter very seriously and right now they are making a consolidated report to identify various reasons that caused this incident and what lesson can be taken to not to get encounter with any such problem in future.

Commodore of Severn Sailing association Kim Couranz told Plain Sailing “The ship was hit and the timing both were unusual. Also, the effect of the hit was unexpected.”

The association is making a complete report on the incident and it is taking views of those agencies as well that reached on time to rescue people who fell into water.” He further added that “The report that will be prepared after complete research will be forwarded to all clubs. This will help us in taking precautionary measures to avoid such situation to come in future. The study will be good, especially for those clubs who holds races in winters.”

No one was injured in Sunday’s incident, which drew the Natural Resources Police, the Anne Arundel County and Annapolis fire departments, the U.S. Coast Guard and a state police helicopter to the mouth of the Severn River, near Horn Point.

Couranz said “We follow stringent safety procedure and policies and this helped us a lot in making the rescue operation successful. Moreover, the first helper like a boat sailing nearby also did commendable work taking out the sailors who fell into water. Association does not allow the sailor to go in water without safety gear and we are grateful that no injury happened to any of the players.”


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