• Cristopher Ribin
    Jul 04, 2013., 22:27 •

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  • stephreyn73
    Jul 04, 2013., 22:32 •

    What a strange looking ship, like a post modernistic nightmare gas chamber coffin...well done.

  • MyNetkiosk
    Jul 04, 2013., 23:03 •

    should be name "ReallydesignedinKorea"

  • MyNetkiosk
    Jul 04, 2013., 23:59 •

    Floating Coffin!

  • MyNetkiosk
    Jul 05, 2013., 00:40 •

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  • josh tiernan
    Jul 05, 2013., 01:29 •

    that is the ugliest privet boat I have ever seen

  • molotoveverything
    Jul 05, 2013., 01:38 •

    This boat should be used as an example of what happens when naval architects aren't properly utilized and/or consulted. This is a very ugly boat, though who knows how happy Jobs would have been to see this thing finally finished.

  • TheLeachesGizzard
    Jul 05, 2013., 02:09 •

    I saw it in West Palm Beach in late march it's probably in the Cayman Islands now its cheaper to store ther

  • Xbaro93X
    Jul 05, 2013., 02:58 •

    He built it for him, not for you.

  • blastofo
    Jul 05, 2013., 03:23 •

    I don't like the design. Steve should have had Jony Ive consult with him on the design.

  • bajer111
    Jul 05, 2013., 04:19 •

    i didn't really think steve was this kind of person.. so flamboyant.

  • philipje1
    Jul 05, 2013., 04:30 •

    Should be named the iYacht

  • parasprodigy
    Jul 05, 2013., 04:38 •

    One More Thing.. added with that music.. emotional lot..

  • Jakub Salski
    Jul 05, 2013., 05:27 •

    Seven on the deck. There are 28 Macs inside.

  • 69PlzBitch
    Jul 05, 2013., 06:01 •

    well, it's easier for someone who makes millions each month to donate something to charity as someone who only makes between 1000-3000 dollar or pound, or whatever your currency is, just an average salary, some people barely have enough money to make it through the month and sometimes people save money to buy a new car or something so they don't have to get a big loan for it steve jobs never had to save money for anything and still had plenty left, so yes I expect him to donate some of it

  • Крыжан Наталья
    Jul 05, 2013., 06:55 •

    Ugly boat

  • Bullerias
    Jul 05, 2013., 07:07 •

    LOL, looks like a stack of shoe boxes

  • wick91
    Jul 05, 2013., 07:07 •


  • TheAmazingMacintosh
    Jul 05, 2013., 07:36 •

    But it's not ugly.

  • tennisboysports
    Jul 05, 2013., 08:18 •

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  • Dragos Rizescu
    Jul 05, 2013., 08:35 •

    The brand new exclusive, revolutionary and mindblowing app, in one word, iYacht.

    Jul 05, 2013., 08:55 •

    He didn't invent the computer. He didn't invent the portable music player. He didn't invent the smart phone. What he did was to transform the technology. He was the passion of Apple. His Legacy lives today and will live in the future. THAT WAS STEVE JOBS.

    Jul 05, 2013., 09:01 •

    billions (good on him). He reshaped the MP3 world with the ipod's. He persuaded BMG, EMI , SONY , WARNERS and UNIVERSAL to agree to sell songs for download for 99c per song. Jan 2007 introduced the iphone with touch screen "he didn't invent the touch screen" but he brought it to the world. In just over the 1st year 10 million where sold, then he launched the ipad, at the time Apple was the most valueble company, more than microsoft and intel combined........

    Jul 05, 2013., 09:58 •

    Steve Jobs: Left Apple sold all but 1 share, 1997 returned to apple, then bought "next computer's technology". He then went onto purchase Pixar for $10 million and made a deal with Walt Disney and they produced the likes of Wall-e , toy story 1,2,3 , The Incredibles , UP , and monsters Inc. In 2003 he created the itunes music store he added the "mini , shuffle and nano" to the ipod collection. In 2006 he sold Pixar to Disney for $7.4 billion , so he paid out millions and got back......

  • ron bart
    Jul 05, 2013., 10:40 •

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