Chef Aaron starts Yacht Club seafood place in Arcadia

On Sunday, a Valley restaurateur Aaron May debuted his hotly expected 0eafood restaurant named The Yacht Club, located in Phoenix. Arcadia eatery, which is open for dinner everyday, provides almost nearly thirty seafood cuisines ranging in price from around US$ 6 appetizers to US$ 30 entrees that includes halibut, lemon lobster pasta, paella, wild salmon and fish tacos.

The raw bar of the restaurant serves clams, oysters, calamari, shrimp ceviche and octopus.

May, who starts the restaurant as executive chef, told that when it comes to seafood, he believe the Valley is underserved. The menu would alter depending on the availability of the seafood, told May, who along with the LTB restaurant group handles 9 restaurants in Colorado and Arizona.

For people who love food from the land, Yacht Club is there o offer fried chicken, a cheeseburger, filet mignon and seared duck. May told that Yacht Club seats hundred diners who would be comfortable dressed up or sporting shorts. (more…)

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