As the marine industry seems to be recovering the Denison Yacht sales is also in an expansion spree and adding 10 employees to its first office in Palm Beach County. The branch of Denison Sales at Fort Lauderdale has been selling new as well as used yachts in the neighboring areas. According to president Bob Denison, the growing and increasing popularity of yachts have prompted them to open a separate branch at Palm Beach County.

The buyers of the Palm Beach County also differ in their tastes compared to the buyers of the Broward County in Florida. In fact the buyers here are based locally and not visitors and there is also an increasing demand for sport fishing boats. Bob Denison also said that this office will be the 11th one for their company that has offices in other locations like Fort Lauderdale, St. Petersburg, Naples and many more. The new hiring will raise the number of the company’s staff to approximately 70.

The Denison family began their business in 1948 in Fort Lauderdale’s boating industry in 1948 and Frank Denison who has been credited of introducing the first diesel engines in yacht in the mid 1930s, launched Broward Marine. It first repaired boats and has also been credited to build custom yacht that was highly appreciated.

Their biggest achievement was their innovative style as each yacht differed from the other. This unique style is still attempted to be retained and Bob Denison says that with the marine industry flourishing and the demand of yachts increasing, they are expecting a bigger sale in 2015 and are also looking forward to open one or two more branches the next year as the goes up.