Neptune Group Yachting, the international luxury charter agency has launched their new website. Compared to their previous website this one looks far better and it has been properly updated and redesigned. It will also showcase the company’s color palette that will offer a lot of information including educational articles that would help the clients to get all the information about the available yachts and also the vacation packages. DJ Parker, the Charter Sales Agent and also the president of Neptune Group Yachting during the launch of the website said that their main aim was to create an exciting structure for the visitors so that the browsing and navigation to multiple levels in the website became easier. This was missing from the previous website and the webmasters have rectified that this time. The website is user friendly this time and the people visiting it will have no difficulty understanding anything.

After the launch of the website people were told to access the website and give an overview as to how it is and everyone seemed to be really happy with it. It has the information of over 25 different areas of cruising which is more than any other website and it also has each and every detail about the luxury yachts. Apart from the specifications and the descriptions there are apt images for each and every detail and on top of that there are several offers for some specific yachts too. The president also revealed that the website would have all the information required for the visitors about the other divisions of Neptune Group Yachting that would include the Neptune crew. This would also have enough information about placement services and different recruitment sectors. Information about the brokerage division of Neptune will also be there. Parker informed that they have tried to make the website as much user friendly as possible without hampering the information that needs to be provided in it.