A Shropshire volunteer was given an award for her outstanding performance and contribution to the local sailing. The award was given by The Royal Princess herself. Elaine Westwood is the person who received the prestigious Royal Yachting Association’s Lifetime Commitment award on Friday.

Elaine, being a member of the Chelmarsh Sailing Club has won about 47 such competitions from all over UK and the club was honoured at a ceremony held at Westminster for their outstanding commitment towards the sport. She got a commemorative medallion as a gift and a certificate from the HRH, the association’s president.

Elaine described her feelings saying that when the she received the letter, she re-checked the name on the envelope thinking that the letter came to the wrong person. As soon as she realized it was for her, she was absolutely delighted.

She even added that she has received many treasures from the sport as it is this sport that has given her the opportunity to share activity with many eminent people all over the world. Moreover, the best vacation she ever had was while sailing in Greece. Sailing is a sport for every age and level and being in this sport a person can meet some like-minded people whose sole interest is to enjoy themselves while floating.

Westwood has had a very important role in the success achieved by the Chelmarsh Sailing Club as she encouraged a lot of locals into the sport. She joined the club in 1986 and has supported the social activities of the club ever since. She also performs many duties for the club like fee collection, administering entries, bulb painting, etc.

The sports development manager of RYA, Duncan Truswell that they are giving the volunteer awards to celebrate the commitment the volunteers have shown towards the sport and supported it. These are the people who are the life of the sport and it is them that keeps the sailing clubs thrive