Tan Has Stepped Down As Sailing Chief – A Full Report

Ben Tan has concluded his tenure being the president of Singapore Sailing, the national sports association for sailing. Now, he hopes that the fraternity will continue to adapt and embrace the challenges that will come on its way in the future.

In the Annual general meeting, he made an announcement to step down, he is 50 years at present and has been serving the Singapore sailing body. He served the maximum of four two-year terms. His duty will be taken over by Deputy President Lincoln Chee.

The work that he did during his eight year tenure being in the position of president include building relationships with foreign counterparts, developing sailors with good character and establishing a “rock solid” governance within the association.

During an interview he said, “I am happy to step down as my job is over and it is the time to let the next person to take the responsibility.”

In Rio de Janeiro, at the 2016 Olympic Games, Singapore sailing team was represented by 10 sailors – this has been the maximum ever.

Pointing to the fact how Singapore Sailing welcomed fresh events instead of avoiding them, he Tan said: Our ultimate goal is to become the best sailor and give the best out of yourself – that means winning medals, however there is a difference. This means the medals will come if you will become a great sailor, and you can sharpen by competitions.

“So, when it comes to participating in competitions, don’t shy away, welcome it and accept it, the competitions will make you a better sailor as well as a better person. There are risks involved when you take part in new championship, but the answer is to manage the risks and not to run from those competitions.”


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