Team New Zealand Back With A Bang At The Extreme Sailing Series

Extreme Sailing Series is surely one of the well-reputed sailing series that has given the necessary boost to sailing and has allowed the sport to reach new standards ever since it was started in the year 2007. The Act 1 of the 8th season of the Extreme Sailing Series started on 20th of February 2014 in Singapore. The Act 2 of the series took place in Muscat followed by Act 3 in Qingdao, Act 4 in Saint Petersburg and Act 5 in Cardiff.

During the Act 5 of the series in Cardiff, team New Zealand’s performance had been extremely poor due to which they stood in the 11th position. In the overall Extreme Sailing Series 2014 rankings team New Zealand stood in the 4th position. Dean Barker (captain of team NZ) had said that the team had to improve and perform well in the Act 6 of the series in Istanbul.

Team NZ did improve and performed exceptionally well in the sixth regatta of the Extreme Sailing Series 2014 which started on the 11th of September, 2014. After the Act 6 of the series, team NZ is in the 1st position along with the Wave, Muscat (defending champions of the series) followed by SAP Extreme Sailing Team and Red Bull Sailing Team.

Dean Barker is of the opinion that the team still has to work hard and do better in the upcoming regattas. Commenting on the team’s performance in Istanbul, Barker said they were able to handle the racecourse well and were able to take advantage of opportunities as and when these appeared during the regatta.

The Act 6 Istanbul regatta took place on the racecourse on the Bosphorus and the Marmara Sea. The fastest speed was set by team NZ who set a record of 11.80 knots (upwind speed) and 16.27 knots (downwind speed).