The 50th Congressional Cup

The Congressional Cup is possibly the most prestigious yachting event in the world, and it is witness to some of the best sailors from around the world. Held at Belmont Pier in Long Beach, this event is even more important this year, as this is the 50th year of the Congressional Cup, and footfalls here are expected to be more than a few thousands at least. Some of the best sailors come here to race, and those who outshine others here can beat the best of the best at other yachting events without much trouble at all.

The maintenance crew in this race are called the Yellow Hats, as they all adorn yellow caps, which is very significant with this yachting event. And these Yellow Hats also include on-water umpires, who scrutinise every move that every sailor makes during the course of this event. And as for the accommodation of participating sailors, there are many host families who are kind enough each year to let the contestants stay at their residences. And the best part about the Congressional Cup is that, these people are all volunteers, and they all form a very important part of the Congressional Cup, and the success of the cup depends majorly on their efforts and contributions as well.

The most astonishing part about the Congressional Cup is that, as reported by the plain sailing twitter feed this started out as a very local, small-scale yacht racing event. But over the years, this race has brought to the forefront some of the biggest names in yacht racing, such as Ted Turner and Dennis Conner, and so, this race has escalated into the grand regalia that it is today. And sailors who compete in this prestigious event are from as far as Australia at times, and also local teams, so it is a very cosmopolitan race indeed!