Yacht hit by tanker off Cowes, Isle of Wight

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  • glyntutt
    Jul 05, 2013., 01:02 •

    Sorry chaps, but firstly why was teh tanker so close inshore with a race underway and secondly, despite the yacht being in the race, why did they not take evasive action. thsi was a typical accident that could have been averted. Poor old yacht... now has a new mast and sail.....

  • Chicomzg254
    Jul 05, 2013., 01:45 •

    My family laughed when I told them I would shed fat with Fat Blast Furnace, but then they saw the results. Do a search on google for Fat Blast Furnace to see their reaction. (You should see their priceless faces!)

  • Thierry Kamette
    Jul 05, 2013., 02:14 •

    Pleasure sailors are a menace in these waters, should not be allowed !!!

  • Faadil Esack
    Jul 05, 2013., 02:55 •

    Lol the tanker was not making himself known he was indicating he was going astern 3 short blasts on the ships whistle lol

  • whlhousejocky
    Jul 05, 2013., 03:38 •

    That ship captain should have stopped, he was probably drunk like all them sailors.If he had a brain he would have stopped and helped them fix the sail on that poor guys boat I hope they all got arrested on that big orange boat tanker thingy.

  • tom201090
    Jul 05, 2013., 04:28 •

    do u define sailing vessel as the yacht (in which case i agree with you) or the Tanker (in which case i disagree with you). There was no way the tanker could have got out the way.

  • cfolman
    Jul 05, 2013., 04:32 •

    just the right place to race - in the middle of a commercial waterway.

  • daleinen
    Jul 05, 2013., 04:44 •


  • Gabriel Aranguren
    Jul 05, 2013., 05:43 •

    anyone knows the coordinates of this accident?

  • peppersdog1
    Jul 05, 2013., 06:09 •


  • UnitedRolling
    Jul 05, 2013., 07:06 •

    Have you EVER used punctuation in your life?

    Jul 05, 2013., 08:05 •

    You know I was just thinking sort of the same thing though these are somewhat experienced sailors who were racing. My thoughts were more along the lines of how some people with money just don't deserve the privilege, beauty and pleasure of a sailing yacht. My other thought was of the kind of skipper that would think so little of those on board as to risk them like this. Hopefully the owner couldn't afford the repairs!

    Jul 05, 2013., 08:18 •

    Rule #3; read it, understand, it obey it!

  • jeryl1968
    Jul 05, 2013., 08:32 •

    some people go buy a boat and dump it in the water with no experience at all and think they know everything this is how people get hurt or killed at sea not paying attension then its to late to get out of a bad situation ive seen it a million times money new boat and no brains and dont know how to use it the ship had the right of passage the rule is the bigger vessle always has the right of passage the guy in the sailboat was clearly not paying attension hes lucky it was sunk so stupid

  • Stephen Croot
    Jul 05, 2013., 08:58 •

    Constrained by draft.... get your regs book out sailor boy

  • MrLaydownsally
    Jul 05, 2013., 09:06 •

    should have gone to specsavers .

    Jul 05, 2013., 09:48 •


    Jul 05, 2013., 10:33 •

    Il faut être aveugle, sourd et stupide pour ne pas voir un pétrolier de 200 m de couleur orange, ne pas entendre ses signaux sonores, et surtout croire qu'il va pouvoir manoeuvrer pour vous éviter!

  • Al Kaholic
    Jul 05, 2013., 10:42 •

    U dont need any courses, qualifications, or right of way rules to know that u cant sail a little boat across the bow of a supertanker and expect them to stop lol, it's just common sense!

  • paranza80
    Jul 05, 2013., 11:15 •

    i think it was a narrow channel or fairway and ......(( A vessel of less than 20 metres in length or a sailing vessel shall not impede the passage of a vessel which can safely navigate only within a narrow channel or fairway )) in this case fuck you sailboat.

  • johng6715
    Jul 05, 2013., 11:45 •

    Look at a chart of the area Cowes/Solent , she was constrained by her draft and RAM

  • johng6715
    Jul 05, 2013., 11:48 •

    Same over here mate , spot on , she was also being escorted by a pilot and in an area with shallow water all around her.

  • chris windust
    Jul 05, 2013., 12:20 •

    Staggering it wasnt a Sunsail yacht! Sailing vessel completely at fault and skipper should be banned from teh water. Menace!

  • Carlos Nunez
    Jul 05, 2013., 12:49 •

    what is the word... ah yes, STUPID. Even if the sailboat had the right of way; which he didn't: TONNAGE rules....stupid sailboat capt., was he drunk?

  • 2anussi
    Jul 05, 2013., 12:52 •

    Roland Wilson ( Cap ) and the other Royal Navy "officers" who were crewing the Atalanta of Chester .... what the f@rk do you think you were doing ?