• HomerSimpson1100
    Jul 04, 2013., 05:19 •

    Oregon on a summer day, well hopefully not on one of the past few days, rain rain rain

  • 1234567nameplease
    Jul 04, 2013., 05:24 •

    The singer looks like she's singing in a karaoke, which is quite funny.

  • Kale Dotson
    Jul 04, 2013., 05:44 •

    They grew up in Portland. What do you expect? Something not strange? I think this is such a great little break from typical music. Shangri-La could be one of my favorite songs of all time.

  • thegodieinafire
    Jul 04, 2013., 06:00 •

    sadly I have.

  • thegodieinafire
    Jul 04, 2013., 06:50 •

    Dude, first of all it's "Mozart". Second of all, yes Mozart would repeat material, but he would always shape it and change it. His themes would go through variations and modulations. His themes would evolve over the course of his pieces keeping them fresh and original. This music is just the same faux-intellectual hipsteresque line over and over again with cheap synth that sounds like it was made off of some cheap toy keyboard. Don't even compare Mozart with these hipsters.

  • Lucy Vanderhinkle
    Jul 04, 2013., 07:06 •

    !t's devo meets debbie harry. i like it! 

  • Echo12AirsoftTeam
    Jul 04, 2013., 07:44 •

    WTF did I watch?

  • k owens
    Jul 04, 2013., 08:00 •

    "If I can't go to heaven, let me go to LA....or Oregon on a summer's day" .... I actually like this, and I'm a granny... Iol ...They are witty, which is always a good thing in music! And, for those with failing hearing & eyesight, the lead singer is OBVIOUSLY a woman: 1)Listen to the timbre of her voice, especially her speaking voice. 2) There's no Adam's apple. (The verbal nastiness of some of you people is appalling, your mouths should be washed out with soap. Shame on you!)

  • k owens
    Jul 04, 2013., 08:59 •

    Possibly, but isn't that typical of some of the classic rock, "Come On Baby, Light My Fire", regardless of the singer...... And, some Motzart is like that, too... lol

  • berserkir
    Jul 04, 2013., 09:00 •

    How to make a song in two easy steps: 1. Write a chorus. 2. Repeat 35 times in a row.

  • Irina Snejenko
    Jul 04, 2013., 09:02 •

    Probably you've never listened to russian pop groups

  • thegodieinafire
    Jul 04, 2013., 09:13 •

    Probably one of the worst bands i've ever listened to. 

  • millsmillsmillstube
    Jul 04, 2013., 09:27 •

    lol what the hell are you talking about.

  • ANDREWmuveee
    Jul 04, 2013., 10:09 •

    Compared to the other NPR shows this was pretty lame. I scrubbed through the set trying to find something forgivable. No joy. Even the people making the music look bored out of their minds. They're AT LEAST getting now enjoyment from it, that's forsure.

  • Julie Ogden
    Jul 04, 2013., 10:13 •

    sorry you're having a rough time with it. :( good news is you don't gotta listen to it if it's not your jam. i personally love it and really understand and identify with their sound, look, and meaning. and as to whether claire is a he or she (as far as i know she goes by she), why's it matter all that much? are we not all a mixture of feminine and masculine? anyone who can identify and express something within themselves that is not normally accepted and expressed...well, i think that's powerful

  • Mary Rayme
    Jul 04, 2013., 11:01 •

    God bless the hipsters, otherwise bad music would rule.

  • Ronald Weasley
    Jul 04, 2013., 11:15 •

    This is hipster bullshit.

  • Ron Weasley
    Jul 04, 2013., 11:35 •

    It's either so bad it's good or she's so cute it doesn't matter. Either way I like it haha

  • Charley Grapes
    Jul 04, 2013., 11:49 •

    If the Gong Show were still on, they'd take down the gong and beat them to death with it.

  • lilSnubby
    Jul 04, 2013., 12:19 •


  • PlaceGunToHead
    Jul 04, 2013., 12:50 •

    Im trying to get along with thoese new-age hippies, but i just can't . She can't sing for shit and I still can't understand if that's a "she" or a "he"; the "music" is not so great too, but that I can endure. Noone on this planet can convince me that you people actually enjoy these eardrumraping sounds... hippies, I would have been soo glad if you just stayed in the last century :/

  • thegodieinafire
    Jul 04, 2013., 13:10 •

    not really even close to as good as the other tiny desk performances. I'm sorry but this was pretty bad.

  • bullseye1890
    Jul 04, 2013., 13:36 •

    this is so quirky. i like it.

  • Spinpolarized
    Jul 04, 2013., 13:49 •

    I would sell my soul to see the facial expressions Claire makes when you go down on her.

  • dontbenofoolcause
    Jul 04, 2013., 13:56 •

    Claire is soooo damn cool!!!