Yacht Rock Episode 1

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  • Jeff Travis
    Mar 21, 2014., 13:18 •

    Not much for the doobs in general, but I could hardly stand McDonald and his microphone-inhaling vocals. Always sounded like he had the mike (or something) in his mouth. And all that keyboard/piano rock was a step down from the Johnston lineup, imo. 

  • Spoon Popkin
    Mar 21, 2014., 13:35 •

    National saxaphone day? Yep! #Yachtrock fans- this is YOUR day! http://ow.ly/qy1xR

  • 79steelymatt
    Mar 21, 2014., 14:26 •

    YACHT ROCK rules!! This is the best original thing ever put on You Tube-the Skunk Baxter stuff in the beginning with McDonald is total comedic genius and the Jim Messina/Kenny Loggins-"this is getting too real" hooked me with the first episode.Comedic gold- solidified Yacht Rock in the annals of You Tube history-best thing ever put on YT-it never gets old and gets better with each watch-Thank You JD Ryznar you spoofed my favorite style of music and it was absolutely classic stuff!!

  • InvaderBrandon
    Mar 21, 2014., 14:42 •

    Hate to ask a question that's probably been answered, but what's playing when Hall and Oates show up at the end? It sounds way too rocking for something that they'd play.

  • Brian Papocchia
    Mar 21, 2014., 14:59 •

    what is this, and how did i get here?

  • steven j hubbard
    Mar 21, 2014., 15:18 •

    Just gets better!

  • Vincent Dickhaut
    Mar 21, 2014., 16:04 •

    What's the title of the song Michael McDonald starts singing 1:50 in the first episode "Wicked woman, cool games and mysteries. You got a cool spell on me". ? 

  • Evan Menak
    Mar 21, 2014., 16:57 •

    Methinks one of the makers of GTA V loved this series, hence both "What a Fool Believes" and Kenny Loggins being a DJ in the game.

  • Sean Follett
    Mar 21, 2014., 17:17 •

    Jimmy Messina, How she blowin?

  • Felicia Cravens
    Mar 21, 2014., 17:54 •

    If you haven't seen Yacht Rock, you're missing out.

  • Dean Howell
    Mar 21, 2014., 18:38 •

    This was the funniest show on the Internet. I miss it so much.

  • J. S. Hansenius
    Mar 21, 2014., 18:47 •

    This is great stuff

  • Todd Kennedy
    Mar 21, 2014., 19:02 •


  • Oliver B
    Mar 21, 2014., 19:06 •

    There is no reason to have not seen this. Hollywood Steve tells the stories behind the smoothest music of the 70s. Yacht Rock Episode 1

  • Hanna Silver
    Mar 21, 2014., 19:53 •

    If you like 80s really smooth music, then you *must watch* *Yacht Rock*. It's hilarious. 5 minute episodes.

  • Dean Howell
    Mar 21, 2014., 20:29 •

    This is my favorite show of all-time. Makes me laugh so hard that I cry... Here come all 12 episodes. Watch my stream!

  • Lori Rodhall
    Mar 21, 2014., 21:01 •

    Seriously just gets better from here. You're welcome.

  • many9662
    Mar 21, 2014., 21:17 •

    I like this video. Thank you for your sharing. Hope to see next your video.

  • Sage80
    Mar 21, 2014., 21:57 •

    Funniest thing of all is Loggin's immediate reaction to McDonald's line by humming riff with giant grin. cracks me up every time.

  • DevanityBlog
    Mar 21, 2014., 22:37 •

    Can someone PLEASE tell me what the intro song is on these vids? They don't play it long enough for me to tag it, and it's starting to bug me cuz I KNOW the song! Argh...

  • JD Ryznar
    Mar 21, 2014., 22:37 •

    @duffh Shit! Does anyone know how to dub "73" over "76" in Hollywood Steve's intro?

  • americandiscocrash
    Mar 21, 2014., 23:07 •

    @jdryznar no no no.this oversight, if it was an oversight and i don't think it was because the writers of this video are smart individuals, goes beyond parody of hollywood's reedit of historic events to fit the runtime. hollywood is notorious for making up stuff all to fit the bill. i know that it is a messed up puddle of a shook up world, but my vote is to never ever make the correction.ever. making the pedantic mothers go nuts is part of a good time. have a good time.

  • harryfromwork
    Mar 21, 2014., 23:15 •

    fuck you Loggins!

  • Dablkwid0w2008
    Mar 22, 2014., 00:06 •

    (clap clap clap) STFU! STFU!

  • Mekurion
    Mar 22, 2014., 00:52 •

    Still relevant!